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● Developed for oil sumps with highly disturbed level of fill ● No moving parts ● Automatic recognition of different types of oil via reference capacitance ● Temperature control can be integrated ● Switching output (push-pull) and analog output (4..20 mA or 0..10 V) ● Parameters can be programmed in order to achieve best possible adaptation to the application ● Simple installation ● Compact size ● Bracket and straight form
● Microprocessor controlled measurement with LCD Display ● Measuring unit programmable ● Tara function (level 0) ● No moving parts in the medium ● For conductive liquids, acids or lye’s ● Not for adherent media ● Temperature compensation with Pt100 sensor ● Outputs 4..20 mA 2-wire for level and temperature, measuring range programmable ● 2 alarm outputs transistor voltage free min or max function ● Programmable set points ● Simulation mode (manual mode) for level and temperature ● Level correction of the indicating range ● 2-point calibration to adapt the geometric of the tank ● Horizontal or vertical mounting of the electronic